NS6.COM is one of very few rare domains. It is a 3 character aconym N S 6. In the domaining world it is known as a LLC.com (letter, letter, character).com, these are extremely rare and valuable. This could be branded to mean anything, or could be a social network ns6. NS6 has many abbreviations and acrynoms, used to reference name servers, but there is only one NS6.COM.

We understand that one does not always have the funds to pay the full amount for their dream domain. We also realize that one may want to limit his or her risks when launching a new venture.

This is why in our marketplace all the domain names can be rented for a maximum of 10 years instead of purchased, with an option to buy while renting.

If you rent the domain, rent will be 1% of the value of the domain, the value of the domain at time of rent will increase at 7% APR, rent will also increase at 7% APR, up until the 10 years has passed at which point the agreement is over.


*The buyer can cancel rent at anytime. Any money already paid will be considered rent and is non-refundable.

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